Paige Lorenze is sharing new insights into her relationship with Armie Hammer, who she says wanted to turn the 22-year-old into a “perfect little slave.”

She shared a screenshot of her Instagram direct messages purportedly with Hammer, 34, in which he details his BDSM fantasies.

“You are perfect. Don’t be embarrassed by anything. You feel f–king incredible and the way you fell perfectly in to a submissive space was beautiful,” Hammer wrote in response to Lorenze saying she was “a little nervous” she wouldn’t be able to “satisfy” him.

“We are going to keep developing that. I’m going to train you and turn you in to my perfect little pet,” he continued, appearing to use his public Instagram instead of his secret one. “F–k this just made me so hard. I will make you my perfect little slave.”

He said he would “have to f–k” Lorenze “in the a**” to accomplish this.

“I need to f–k every one of your holes to fully take you,” he wrote.

Lorenze wrote that she had never had anal sex but trusted Hammer.

“@ anyone saying I wasn’t manipulated and love crying victim,” she tweeted alongside the screenshot.

She tweeted: “i have TRULY never seen someone so desperately trying to come off as profound, dark and interesting. this is predatory behavior. Period.”

“These latest messages are just further evidence of the reality of his dangerous proclivities and his reaction shows his blatant disregard for the women he has traumatized,” Lorenze said in a statement to Page Six on Thursday. “I want to offer my continued support to the other women who have been preyed on by men and have the courage to come forward.”