Natalie Portman is getting candid about her experiences in Hollywood. The Thor: Love and Thunder actress spoke with The Sunday Times recently about bulking up for the new film and what it was like to reach the big screen as a teenager.

“It's pretty unusual and wonderful to be tasked with getting bigger as a woman,” she said. The V for Vendetta star said she engaged in strength training for the Marvel film and joked about drinking a lot of protein shakes. “I don't think I'll ever have one again,” she said.

Portman continued, commenting on what is expected of women in the industry. “Most of the body transformations we're asked to make are to be as small as possible and there's an emotional and sociological correlate to that. For someone to say, 'Let's see how much strength you can have,' is a completely different psychological space to inhabit,” she said.

As for getting her start in acting at a young age and being sexualized by the press, Portman said, “I think, in that time, it was very normal. … Some of it was the types of roles that were being written and some of it was the way journalists felt entitled to write about it.”

She added that she remembers “reading a review of myself when I was about 13 that mentioned my breast buds.”