Natasha Lyonne spoke with Conan O’Brien on a recent episode of his podcast about her experience filming an Exorcist parody for Scary Movie 2. The Poker Face actor revealed that her costar, James Woods, "was hitting on me as a teenager in full monster makeup.”

During the interview, Lyonne first spoke about how Marlon Brando, who was originally cast for the role of Father McFeely, had his hand on her “breast for six days." She joked, "I'm maybe the last person he felt up.” Lyonne previously revealed on Conan in 2013 that Brando put his hand on her breast in between takes. She later told Entertainment Weekly in 2022 that he did this because it was “in the script.”

The Godfather actor ended up dropping out of the project due to his health, and Woods replaced him. "He was less of a charmer," the Russian Doll actor said. "He was like, 'I can tell even with the makeup, you're a spinner, right?' And that was, I thought, less sexy than Brando, who was pumping oxygen."

She added that “James Woods is a great actor despite the fact that he’s a Republican psychopath who, I don’t know, was hitting on me as a teenager in full monster makeup. It was a crazy move, dude." Lyonne was 22 when the movie premiered in 2001, but it is unclear how old she was during filming.