Former RHOA star NeNe Leakes is accusing Bravo producers of editing a scene from her Bye Wig party, which aired in March 2019, to look like she attacked a pregnant Porsha Williams. As previously reported, Leakes is suing Bravo, NBC Universal, True Entertainment, Truly Original and Andy Cohen for allegedly fostering a “hostile and racist work environment.”

RadarOnline obtained the court docs that said that Leakes had found out that her late husband Gregg Leakes was diagnosed with cancer a day before the closet scene was taped, which was in September or October 2018.

When the episode aired, Leakes claimed that her outrage at Porsha and co-star Kandi Burruss for going into her closet without her permission was made to seem like she was being aggressive. During the episode, Leakes was seen grabbing a camera operator by his shirt and preventing him from entering her closet.

Leakes' legal team wrote in the court docs, “The cameraman was a large, strong man who knew Mrs. Leakes. He was not worried or scared of her. She then angrily told her fellow housewives to get out of her closet. Exchanges like this are commonplace on the show – indeed, far worse often happens.”

The suit continued, “This included the false insinuation or claim that Mrs. Leakes had physically assaulted Porsha Williams, who was pregnant at the time.” Leakes vehemently denies attacking Porsha.

Leakes claimed this “issue was blown out of proportion” by NBC execs who used it as an example of alleged concern regarding her continued involvement on the show.