Cuba Gooding Jr. is facing at least one new charge, prosecutors revealed Thursday, the day his first sex abuse trial was set to begin. Gooding Jr. has pleaded not guilty in that case to squeezing a woman’s breast on June 9th at a bar in Manhattan. It is unclear if the new charge involves a new victim.  

Assistant DA Jenna Long shared the news in Manhattan Criminal Court, as a judge was preparing to send his case to another courtroom for trial, Page Six reports. The 51-year-old Gooding was present, wearing a pinstripe suit, and he reportedly appeared stunned by the revelation.

Long said: “The defendant has been indicted on the charges included in this docket as well as an additional incident previously uncharged.” 

She did not share details of the charge or charges, but said the case would be sent to Manhattan Supreme Court. The trial was delayed, and Gooding Jr. will be arraigned on new charges this Tuesday, when the new charges will be unsealed.