TMZ reports that Olivia Wilde lied to a judge about where she’s living. This comes as she and ex Jason Sudeikis get a restraining order to protect them from an alleged stalker, the 30-year-old Eric Nathaniel Fuhs.

On legal docs, she said: "I live with Mr. Sudeikis and our two children," when in fact she lives with new love Harry Styles

She filed the restraining order with her lawyer Shawn Holley, and Jason reportedly did not participate. TMZ reports that she fibbed to extend protection to both her and Jason, and their kids. 

The stalker reportedly showed up at her home complaining about Harry, and claiming he’s dating her. He allegedly penned an ominous note to her, writing, “I, as of March 19, 2021 am now struggling to stay sane whilst being hidden.”