OPRAH WINFREY’S FATHER, VERNON WINFREY, DIES AT 88: Shortly after celebrating her father, Vernon Winfrey, with a special gathering on the Fourth of July, Oprah Winfrey announced via Instagram that he had passed away at the age of 88. “Less than a week ago we honored my father in his own backyard,” she wrote. “Yesterday with family surrounding his bedside, I had the sacred honor of witnessing the man responsible for my life, take his last breath. We could feel Peace enter the room at his passing. That Peace still abides. All is well. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts.”

KIM KARDASHIAN FACES BACKLASH FOR POST ABOUT NORTH’S ‘STOP’ SIGN: According to BuzzFeed, people had a lot to say regarding Kim Kardashian‘s explanation for her daughter, North West, holding up a sign that read, “STOP,” at the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show last week. Kardashian tweeted an explanation of the sign, saying, “For anyone who knows North knows how funny she finds this video! North I guess had it with the people taking pictures of her so she wrote on her invite STOP and held it up and wanted them to just focus on the show…” Many people commented asking Kardashian why she’d bring North to the fashion show in the first place if she didn’t like the spotlight.

KATE MARA IS PREGNANT WITH HER SECOND CHILD: Kate Mara announced on Sunday (July 10th) that she and Jamie Bell will be welcoming their second child to the world. The Fantastic Four actress shared a photo of herself with Bell and captioned the post, “There are three of us in this pic.”

MARTHA STEWART JOKES THAT SHE WANTS HER FRIENDS TO DIE SO SHE CAN DATE THEIR HUSBANDS: On a recent episode of Dear Chelsea with comedian Chelsea Handler, Martha Stewart said that she has “never been a home-wrecker,” though she’s “had the opportunity to be a home-wrecker,” but has “not taken anybody up on it.” The lifestyle expert then said that it’s “very tempting” to have an affair “because you want to believe that, ‘Oh, maybe this relationship that they’re in is temporary.'” Taking it further, she joked, “Or maybe they’ll die. I always think, ‘Oh, gosh, couldn’t that person just die?’ Not painfully, just die.”