More details are emerging regarding Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. According to The Daily Beast, over 6,000 court documents were unsealed over the weekend, which the publication writes “does not appear to reflect too well on Team Depp.”

The documents show that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor fought to wipe his text messages about burning and drowning Heard from the record, as well as testimony from most psychologists and therapists who believed Heard suffered intimate-partner violence at the hands of Depp.

Depp also tried to include nude photos of Heard as evidence, along with mentions of her “brief stint as an exotic dancer years before she met Mr. Depp.” On Heard’s end, she tried introducing Depp’s erectile-dysfunction and oral and genital herpes medication into evidence.

The Edward Scissorhands actor also fought to keep his texts with Marilyn Manson out of court. In one exchange, Manson, who is accused of sexual abuse and rape by multiple women, sent a text to Depp in 2016 saying that he had an “amber 2.0” situation.

“Lindsay just puled sic an amber on me…please delete,” Manson wrote. Depp responded, “I been reading A LOT of material on that and sociopathic behavior…it is fucking real my brother!! My ex-c—t is goddamn TEXTBOOK!!!”

Manson later wrote, “I got a serious police amber type scenarios with L’s family. I’m fucking stressing. I don’t know if you are back but I need asylum somewhere because I think the cops might be headed my way.”