Pamela Anderson spoke with ET Canada about Tim Allen denying that he flashed his penis at her on the set of Home Improvement in 1991. Recounting her story once again, she asked, “How could you make that up?”

The Baywatch actress said Allen “ran back into his room” after flashing her and that he was “embarrassed all day and acting like a little giddy schoolboy.” Allen has repeatedly denied the accusations, even telling The Daily Mail recently, “Everybody at ABC is a little disappointed in her memory.”

Anderson told the outlet, “A lot of women are still afraid to come forward to tell their stories” because “they feel that they won’t be believed.” She added, “He has to deny it because look at the times we’re in. If he said, ‘Oh yeah, I did that…’ he’d be — a lot of these stories are just the tip of the iceberg.”