PARIS HILTON SHARES FIRST PHOTOS OF HER SON: Paris Hilton is introducing her son to the world! The reality star shared the first public photos of Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum to Instagram Thursday (February 23rd). One photo shows her holding Phoenix, while her husband, Carter Reum, kisses her on the forehead. In another photo, she is giving baby Phoenix a kiss.

JEAN SMART IS RECOVERING FROM A ‘SUCCESSFUL’ HEART SURGERY: On Thursday (February 23rd), Hacks star Jean Smart revealed on Instagram that she is recovering from a “successful” heart surgery. “February is American Heart Month — a time when the nation spotlights heart health, so it feels important to share with all of you that I’m recovering from a recent, successful heart procedure,” she wrote. “I am fortunate to have excellent professional care and support from family and friends while I continue to recuperate.”

JOHN SCHNEIDER REVEALS THAT HIS WIFE ALICIA ALLAIN PASSED AWAY: Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider took to Facebook on Wednesday (February 22nd) to announce that his wife, Alicia Allain, died at the age of 53. “My beautiful Smile is pain free, living in her new body alongside Jesus. Please respect our privacy during this time of grief. Please do not ask any questions,” he wrote. “If you have any pictures of us and our obvious love and adoration for each other, please post them below. Lastly… hug those you love tight and let them know how you feel. We always did.” According to Today, Allain died at home on Tuesday (February 21st), surrounded by loved ones.

KERI RUSSELL’S 11-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER THINKS ‘FELICITY’ IS ‘SO CRINGEY:’ Unfortunately for Keri Russell, her 11-year-old daughter Willa isn’t a fan of Felicity, her hit show from the ‘90s. “My daughter about a year ago — she's kind of mature for her age and she was bored one day — I said, 'Hey, Willa, I did this show about this college girl and you might think it's cool. It's really sweet,'” Russell said on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday (February 22nd). “And so I showed it to her. I put it on and I downloaded an episode from Amazon or wherever you get it these days.” Russell shared that Willa did not have the reaction she expected. “After about 15 minutes, she turned it off and she went, 'Ugh, mom, it's so cringey.' She was actually grossed out by me,” she said. “I was like, 'Oh, I thought you might like it.' And she was like, 'Ugh, so cringey.'”