Paris Jackson is slamming reports that she attempted suicide over the weekend. She also claimed she is getting unfair criticism for her “mellow” response to allegations of sexual abuse made against her late father Michael Jackson in Leaving Neverland.

The 20-year-old model tweeted: “They didn’t get the crazy reaction they wanted from the doc, and a chill, mellow reaction doesn’t sell stories so why not lie and create a story that does sell? Pathetic.”

Previously, Paris responded to a TMZ report that Paris was placed on a 5150 hold and was hospitalized after attempted suicide on Saturday. She tweeted: “F— you you f—ing liars.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday night Paris was seen out and about with boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, on her say to check out Macaulay Culkin’s “Bunny Ears” podcast, with special guest “Weird Al” Yancovic in L.A. Michael and Paris are longtime friends and he is also her godfather.