Pete Davidson has had a crazy year, between breaking off an engagement with Ariana Grande and recently splitting from Kate Beckinsale. After Vinnie Brand, the owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Club in Bridgeport, Connecticut about the SNL star’s exes, he left before performing as scheduled.

Page Six reports that Davidson was miffed because he asked Brand to not go onstage, but that he did anyway, and then made a sarcastic request that no one in the audience ask Davidson about Grande and Davidson.

Davidson took to Instagram stories to apologize. “I’m sorry that we had to leave the show before I got to go on. The owner, Vinnie Brand, disrespected me, and did something that I told him not to do,” Davidson said, “and I can’t perform under those circumstances.”

He is reportedly planning to perform a free show for ticket-holders.

Fans on social media seemed to support Davidson. “Yo the owner of the Stress Factory CT was wild, uncalled for and disrespectful to Pete so I don’t blame him for bouncing, I would’ve too,” tweeted one fan.

But TMZ reports that the owner played his IG video on the club’s screen, and viewers were angry. One yelled, “F**k you, Pete!!!”