Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage is being candid about his experience as someone with achondroplasia. “Being my size, I get second looks quite often,” he told the U.K. newspaper The Times in a recent interview. “My whole life I’ve had stares.”

He added that the work he’s done has changed this experience. “Now there’s an ownership to someone looking at me or approaching me. It’s because of something positive. It’s not just my size. It’s the work I’ve done that has afforded them a second look.”

Dinklage also had some things to say about his recent role in Cyano, a film for which his wife, Erica Schmidt, wrote the adaption. “The idea of a leading actor is changing now. Whether racially or whatever. It’s about time. We’ve been stuck with this stereotype of a leading man and it’s healthy to open that up. Love life is not the domain of pretty people — everybody has a love life.”