Mary-Kate Olsen has officially filed for divorce from French banker Pierre Olivier Sarkozy as courts in New York reopened Monday following coronavirus closures. The 33-year-old Full House star filed for an emergency petition, but a judge shot it down, dubbing it nonessential.

Olsen claimed in court papers that her 50-year-old husband ended the lease on their $29K per month apartment, causing her to scramble for a new place during the pandemic. Olsen claimed in papers that she was “petrified” Sarkozy would oust her from the apartment. 

The pair were married for five years. 


According to multiple reports, the pair disagreed on children (she wanted them, he did not) and lifestyles (she loved to work, he wanted a stay-at-home wife). 

An insider tells Page Six that Olivier “sees himself as the alpha male. He will get even more French as he fights her. They can turn cold very fast on their wives once the relationship is over."

The source continued: “[Olivier] seems like a fun guy when you meet him but he is a shark. Very tough…He’s not somebody you want to go up against. His divorce from [his first wife] got very messy for a while and they really went after each other. Don’t underestimate him if it gets messy with Mary-Kate.”