Phoebe Dynevor reflected on all the media attention she received while dating Pete Davidson during a cover story for Elle published on Tuesday (September 26th). The Bridgerton actress said the whole thing was “very surreal.” She and the Saturday Night Live alum dated for six months in 2021.

“It just goes back to being naïve — I didn’t think anyone would care,” she told the outlet. “I was just being a young woman and dating and somehow that provokes a conversation. There were lots of hard lessons I had to learn through basically just having a personal life.”

"You realize, ‘Oh, I can’t live my life in the way that I used to. I have to keep my cards slightly closer to my chest,’” the Fair Play actress added. “There was a time, for example, when I’d post anything on my Instagram, and now I’m very, very careful about what I put out into the world.”