Prince Charles, 71, is footing the $2.5 million annual bill for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s security as they make their official royal exit, according to The Daily Mail. This rumor comes after the pair landed in L.A. and President Donald Trump tweeted that they “must pay” for their own security.

A royal insider told The Mail: “Charles has agreed to pay a ‘private contribution’ to the Sussexes. It will not be revealed how much and what that is used for, but it is believed to be around £2 million,” or $2.5 million.


Meanwhile, it seems some aren’t greeting Meghan’s return to Hollywood with two thumbs up. Reviews of her performance as narrator in Disney+’s Elephant have been tepid.

The Times of London wrote that Meghan traded “pomp and circumstance for schmaltz and cheesiness. The silken tones that Meghan employed on the legal series Suits and which were often muzzled during her time as a full-time royal are now given free rein.”

The review continued: “And yes, she certainly has an actor’s way with a phrase and a likeable sense of mischief. ‘Oh! Who did that?’ she coos in mock disgust when one of the elephant calves breaks wind. The sense of performance, though, often feels overegged. Even the underwhelming moment in which the elephants rip some bark off a tree is presented like the announcement of the winner for best picture.”

Variety wrote that her narration was “an inviting version of the wholesome but amused Disney narrator singsong.”

Others said the film was good, for a kids’ show. The Telegraph advised: “If you're home-schooling at present, consider your Friday morning's activities taken care of.”


In another bout of bad PR, Harry’s biographer Angela Levin, who spent a year with him wrote for Tatler mag that he is “charismatic, intuitive and quick-witted but also restless and trouble.”

She added that their move to L.A. “smacks more of spoilt defiant teenagers than adults in their mid and late-thirties. I see a Harry who has turned sour, callous even and is obviously stressed.”