Prince William and Prince Harry are pretty much incommunicado these days, according to royal scribe Omid Scobie. The pair, who have been struggling to communicate for a few years, completely cut ties with each other two months after Harry shared his plans to step down from his senior royal role on social media.

Their rift “will take time to heal” Scobie told The Sun. Scobie co-wrote Finding Freedom with Carolyn Durand, a largely sympathetic portrayal of Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s decision to move to the U.S. and leave their royal life behind. 

The sticking point allegedly, is Harry’s decision to go “rogue” and share his plans publicly without first getting approval from his family. 

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan reportedly plonked down $14.6 million for an estate in Montecito, and the Telegraph reports that the pair could face a huge tax bill. Harry has spent 183 days in the U.S. over three years, and officially be considered a resident for tax purposes. David McClure, who co-wrote a book on royal money, The Queen’s True Worth, told The Telegraph: "California is a high tax state and he’s likely to get a hit. I don’t think Harry and Meghan have totally thought through the financial consequences of their exit from the Royal Family.”

He will also need to spill the beans on the details of his finances: “The US taxman is much more zealous than his UK counterpart and for that reason, Harry will have to watch his step on the income he generates.”