Amid rumors of a royal rift in the so-called Fab Four, Prince William and Kate Middleton made a point to publicly praise Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Separately, Hillary Clinton also defended Meghan against the treatment she's received in the press.

William and Kate attended the Shout's Crisis Volunteer celebration in London on Tuesday, and also honored the work of Meghan, Harry and the many volunteers of the text support line launched by the org, Give Us a Shout.

In May, the four royals launched the 24/7 support service, and along with the Royal Foundation, have steadfastly supported the volunteers who have exchanged 6 million + messages with people in crisis since.

On social media, William said: “Catherine and I, and Harry and Meghan couldn’t be more proud of what Give Us a Shout has accomplished. We’re hugely proud and hugely grateful to all of you for being part of this.”

Still, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, William is “concerned” about Harry after viewing Harry & Meghan: An African Journey. In the ITV documentary, both Harry and Meghan openly discussed the pressure they felt from constant media and public attention.

“The Duke of Cambridge, who hadn't actually seen the documentary before it aired, was, according to sources at Kensington Palace, quite concerned for his brother after the documentary,” Nicholl told ET. “And I've heard from other sources closely linked to the royal family that other members too have been quite concerned for Meghan and Harry. They clearly can see that this is a couple who are struggling with their new position, their new royal roles, and I think members of the family have reached out to try and help. It's my understanding that the Duchess of Cambridge has tried to communicate and has offered to be there for both of them.”


Meanwhile, former first lady Hillary Clinton, who is used to getting raked over the coals in the press, defended Meghan against the “racist” and “sexist” treatment she’s gotten the press.

She told the BBC: “I have a great deal of feeling toward and about her because it's one thing to be told what it will be like when you step onto the biggest stage with the brightest spotlight joining the royal family…and yet it's still really hard to imagine. It takes some getting used to having every move scrutinized and analyzed and frankly things made up and I really wish her and her husband the very best because they are struggling to have a life of meaning and integrity on their own terms and that's hard enough if you're just walking around in today's world.”