Prince William is reportedly afraid to say anything to Prince Harry after he shared details of their private conversation with CBSGayle King, a source tells Us Weekly. Gayle spoke out after he and wife Meghan Markle spoke out about their troubled lives as royals with Oprah Winfrey. The entire royal family has been doing damage control since. 

“William was left reeling. He says it was a cheap shot to leak details of their private call and that he twisted the truth,” the source tells Us, adding that the 38-year-old prince “now feels uncomfortable” talking to Harry, 36, on the phone. “He’s putting himself at risk of the same thing happening again.”

For now, their relationship is at a complete standstill. “The problem with Harry is that he’s hooked on being right and regardless of saying he wants to move on from this, he won’t back down until he gets some form of apology from his family,” the insider says.

Meanwhile, Harry appears to be living his best California life. He was photographed in Santa Barbara at the beach with his and Meghan’s black Lab rescue dog, Pula. An onlooker told People: "He looked totally at ease. He has a great relationship with his dog, walking it off-leash. He looked just like a Montecito local just doing his thing — very relaxed walking barefoot."