The royal drama is continuing apace, with yet another report speculating on Prince Harry’s lawsuit against the media, and its reverberations within his family and beyond. ICYMI, Harry publicly released a statement decrying the British tabloid press’s bullying of his wife Meghan Markle. The statement also alluded to his mother Princess Diana’s death, which was blamed in part on the media's fixation on her; later, it was reported that his brother Prince William and his grandmother the Queen weren’t consulted, and his advisors recommended that he not release the statement. 

Much speculation ensued about whether or not they approved, and Harry and Meghan were even reportedly considering a move to Canada because of the pressure. Now, Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell is telling Us Weekly that Harry’s brother William has his back, despite rumors to the contrary. 

He says: “The brothers have vowed that no one will be allowed unwanted access to those they love. [Harry and Meghan] made it clear that they wish to live their lives their own way. They make their own decisions as a family and let very few people into their inner circle.”

That contradicts the Daily Express royal reporter Richard Palmer’s recent tweet: “Nobody in the Royal Family or the Royal Household is supporting Harry and Meghan at the moment. Even the couple’s aides seem embarrassed by their actions. William, who dropped his brother like a ton of hot bricks earlier this year, and Charles have distanced themselves.”