Johnny Depp scored a legal victory in his bid to establish whether his ex-wife Amber Heard followed through and donated her $7 million divorce settlement. She pledged to donate the money to the ACLU and L.A.’s Children’s Hospital.

Depp’s lawyer Andrew Caldecott argues that her claim was “a calculated and manipulative lie” that “tipped the scales against Mr Depp from the very beginning”.

The pair, as fans doubtless know, have been wrangling in court since they split in 2016 over claims and counter-claims of psychological and physical abuse. Caldecott also says that the hospital has informed Depp’s team that Heard never made the donations. 

A New York judge is granted a petition that will force the ACLU to release information regarding the donation. 

Last year, Depp lost a libel suit against the Sun after it labelled him a “wife beater.”