Raven-Symone and Whoopi Goldberg spoke about the Ghost actress’ sexuality on Monday’s (August 21st) episode of The Best Podcast Ever. The That’s So Raven star revealed that she got “lesbian vibes” from Goldberg while cohosting The View from 2015-2016.

“Honestly, when I was around you, I loved you so much, like I just wanted to be up underneath the t—y the whole time,” Symone said. “But that's also because you just kind of gave me lesbian vibes!'” She added, “So if you want to tell us anything, Whoops, you're more than welcome to!"

In response to this, Goldberg denied the speculation that she’s a lesbian. “Women have been asking me this for as long as I've been around. I am not a lesbian. But I know lots of them, and I've played them on television.”

Goldberg shared that she has “always had lesbian friends” and explained the boundaries she draws with them. "I'm not gonna kiss you, but I'll kiss you over here, I'll do this but I'm not going to do this … And they're like, ‘OK!’” the Color Purple actress said.