Ray Liotta received a posthumous Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Friday (February 24th) that his daughter, Karsen, accepted for him. She also read a tribute written by Martin Scorsese during the ceremony.

"I'm sorry that I can't be there in person today for the unveiling of the star for Ray Liotta," the letter read. "After Goodfellas, I always expected that I would work with Ray again. I always thought that he would be there. I still find myself thinking, 'When will Ray and I make another picture?' and then I remember he's gone far too soon. We think we have enough time, but we have no control over our fate."

Liotta was aware of the Walk of Fame honor before he died in his sleep on May 26th, 2022. "It was a huge honor for him and he was proud of himself, as me and my whole family were," Karsen said. "I know it was definitely very special to him and it was a monumental moment in his career."

She added that she was "so touched to be accepting this honor in the name of my dad."