The real life inspiration for Jennifer Lopez's role in Hustlers has admitted that she wasn't that impressed with the film. The real life strippers that were portrayed in the film are Roselyn "Rosie" Keo and Samantha Barbash –– who are played by Constance Wu and  Jennifer Lopez respectfully.  Keo and Barbash were New York City strippers who drugged their wealthy clients in order to use their credit cards to run up large bills at the strip club.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Barbash said about the film, “Everyone has been asking, ‘Did I see the movie?’ So I thought, Why don’t I just see the movie—because I knew I was going to have a lot of interviews about it this week. I wasn’t really that impressed."

She continued, “I was impressed with Jennifer. She was incredible. Her body looked incredible. She had it down to a T, but it wasn’t factual.”

She added, “She had my birthmark that I have. I used to have a piercing on the top of my lip. She had it on the bottom. She had a tattoo on her finger. I had it on my wrist.”

She also revealed that the film's emphasis on her friendship with Rosie was inaccurate, saying, “She wasn’t a friend—she was a coworker… There was no sisterhood — it was business and that’s it."


One part of the film that she did enjoy? Cardi B! Barbash said, “I love Cardi. Her 10 minutes was a great 10 minutes… It’s funny because, when I first heard that the film was coming out, said Cardi would have played me. Even though she is not an actress, she was in the strip club world and she gets it. She would have maybe played a better me. Not taking away from Jennifer. But just because Cardi was in the business.”

According to Time, Barbash and Keo were eventually charged with two counts of conspiracy, four counts of grand larceny, two counts of assault and three counts of forgery. Both were sentenced to five years probation.