Last year, before COVID-19 changed everything, Rebel Wilson took a bold step toward a personal transformation. She declared the year she turned 40 to be her “Year of Health.” In the process, she lost 60 pounds and prioritized her well-being in general. 

Now, she tells InStyle, she’s thinking about her financial health. “When I did my Year of Health, I was obviously more focused on my physical and mental health because I had suffered from emotional eating for many years. But after I crushed that and have now just been maintaining it, I thought, Oh wait, financial wellness is important too. Now that I'm in my 40s, you really start thinking about setting yourself up for the future, so you've got to be a bit smarter with your money.”

She said she is constantly reviewing her accounts to make sure she is on track: “I have friends who are very successful in music or acting that have had millions taken from them. So what I did last year is set up a monthly meeting where I go through all of my accounts and transactions, every single one of them, and make sure everything is correct. I check that I’m getting a good deal on things like cable TV and my phone plan, and that I’m saving the right amount of money for taxes. It only takes a few hours to go over, but that’s how I stay on top of it.”

Of her newfound commitment to health even as life returns to normal, she said: “During The Almond and the Seahorse, I was working with two incredible European actresses, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Trine Dyrholm, and they were amazed at my discipline because every morning I was up in the gym at the hotel working out for 90 minutes before a full day of filming. But that’s just my life now.”

Wilson also feels like she’s ready to get out there again after breaking up with boyfriend Jacob Busch. She told Extra: "It's been a respectable amount of time, you know, after a breakup. You have respect for the person you've broken up with, so now, yeah, out there looking."