Lori Loughlin has been grappling with charges in the high-profile college admissions scandal she and dozens of other parents have been swept up. But unlike Felicity Huffman, the other high-profile celeb accused of bribing her child’s way into college, Loughlin is in denial about the severity of her actions, according to a report in People. ICYMI, Huffman not only pleaded guilty, but issued a dramatic apology in which she expressed “shame” and “regret.”

“It’s just taking some time for it to sink in that what she was allegedly doing could be considered illegal,” says the source. “To her, it wasn’t egregious behavior. Was it entitled and perhaps selfish? Perhaps. But she didn’t see it as being a legal violation.”

“From the beginning, she didn’t want to take a deal, because she felt that she hadn’t done anything that any mom wouldn’t have done, if they had the means to do so,” the source continues. “So this wasn’t her being obstinate; this was her truly not understanding the seriousness of the allegations.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts charged 50 people on March 12th in the scandal, including parents, coaches, admissions counselors. Loughlin and her husband J. Mossimo Giannulli have been accused of spending $500K to get their kids into University of Southern Cal. Huffman was accused of spending $15K to help her daughter cheat on her SATs; her husband William H. Macy was not charged.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live found plenty of inspiration from the college admission scandal, with Kate McKinnon taking on the role of Loughlin. Her three cellmates, Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson and Kyle Mooney, are confused when she explains what she’s in for. Thompson, shocked, asks, “Hold on! You paid $500 grand for USC?!” She says, “That’s not including the $300 grand I blew on tuition!”

Things escalate when Redd calls her “Aunt Becky” and she pulls out a knife and tells him she joined the Nation of Islam.

“You think prison is hard? I’ve done 68 Hallmark movies — I’ve seen hell man,” she says. “In half those movies, I marry Santa’s son — I lost all sense of reality.”