Leah McSweeney, Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps came together in protest of Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s decision to close indoor dining in New York City amid the pandemic.

Real Housewives of New York star Singer shared photos from the protest, writing: “As a New Yorker I am appalled to see what is happening to the restaurant/hospitality industry! How do @nygovcuomo & @nycmayor expect these businesses to survive!!? The CDC states indoor restaurant dining only represents 1.43% of covid cases 73% come from household gatherings….and what about subways, buses and planes?”

She continued, “It is my opinion @nygovcuomo wants to bring New York City to its knees economically he wants to destroy it, the reason is because he needs a federal bail out. Prior to Covid New York State was already in serious debt. It is time we stand up and save our small businesses!!”

Singer also shared a Change.org petition to demand the impeachment of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

McSweeney made a similar post: “This isn’t about dining out. Open your eyes. This is about hard working people, small business owners and NYC. There is no NYC without restaurants, our sous chefs, bus boys and bartenders, wait staff etc. They need help. 1.4% transmission rate in indoor dining does not warrant plummeting all these people into poverty. Please pay attention!!! These photos say it all.”