Ginger Banks, the porn actress who went public with sexual assault accusations against Ron Jeremy in 2016, and says that at least other 50 women have been assaulted as well.

In 2017, she previously said that Jeremy groped her at AVN Awards in 2016, and in a new report, she tells The Sun that she feels “vindicated” by the charges the 67-year-old is finally facing.

On Tuesday, Jeremy was charged with raping three women and assaulting another. She tells The Sun of other alleged attacks: “Sometimes girls would be bent over on porn sets and he’d just penetrate them. The groping is a very, very similar story. It honestly seems to me that if you met Ron Jeremy and he didn’t inappropriately touch you, you’re almost in the minority.”

Banks adds: “I feel completely vindicated in the sense that so many people have always defended him. I’ve been talked about in a negative light by certain people who still defend him — his fans. I still get a lot of hate for that stuff.”

Another accuser, who goes by the name of Miss Lollipop tells The Sun: “This is no secret. We have been shouting about him since 2016. The response is always some variation of apathy or ‘What do you expect?"”

Jeremy’s lawyer, meanwhile, says he is innocent. Jeremy will be arraigned today (Friday) and is being held on $6.6 million bail. He faces up to 90 years in prison if convicted.