The Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Ronan Farrow, who is credited with helping reveal the scale of convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein’s predations on women, is accusing his publisher Hachette of “wildly unprofessional” behavior.

His beef with Hachette stems from its decision to not only work with his estranged father Woody Allen on a memoir, but “conceal” that information from him.

Farrow’s Catch and Kill was released by Hachette’s Little Brown and Co. last year to great acclaim, but at the same time, Hachette was planning the release of Allen’s forthcoming memoir, Apropos of Nothing.

As followers of the #MeToo movement will recall, Farrow’s sister Dylan accused Allen of sexual assault when she was a child, a charge Allen denies, but which was resurfaced in recent years. Since #MeToo began, Amazon and several stars have cut ties with Allen over his response to the allegations and the movement more generally.


Farrow wrote on Twitter: “I was disappointed to learn through press reports that Hachette, my publisher, acquired Woody Allen’s memoir after other major publishers refused to do so and concealed the decision from me and its own employees while we were working on ‘Catch and Kill’ – a book about how powerful men, including Woody Allen, avoid accountability for sexual abuse.”

He continued: “Hachette did not fact check the Woody Allen book. My sister Dylan has never been contacted to respond to any denial or mischaracterization of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Woody Allen – a credible allegation, maintained for almost three decades, backed up by contemporaneous accounts and evidence. It’s wildly unprofessional in multiple obvious directions for Hachette to behave this way.”

Support on Twitter came in from followers and celebs and activists like Rosanna Arquette, who wrote: “Because INTEGRITY is your middle name. love you Ronan.”

Apropos drops April 7th.