Rosario Dawson is opening up about her current love life and her sexuality, in a cover interview with Bustle magazine. Some of the questions around her sexuality surround a 2018 Pride Month post she made on social media, which many interpreted as a coming out of sorts.

The post read: “Happy pride month! Sending love to my fellow lgbtq+ homies. Keep being strong in the face of adversity. Loud & proud.”

She said: “People kept saying that I came out… I didn’t do that. I mean, it’s not inaccurate, but I never did come out come out. I mean, I guess I am now.”

The 40-year-old, who recently portrayed a lesbian character on Jane the Virgin, went on: “I’ve never had a relationship in that space, so it’s never felt like an authentic calling to me.”


In 2018, she also began dating Senator Cory Booker, a development she said she takes seriously: “It’s the first time I felt like I had to be responsible about my choice of love, which is a challenging thing to do. If you fall in love, you fall in love. But there’s another aspect I had to consider: what this meant in putting a microscope on my family and particularly on my daughter.”

Dawson adopted her 17-year-old daughter Isabella in 2014.