In a lengthy Twitter rant, the Brave writer and activist Rose McGowan accused Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck of covering up her rape. McGowan has been one of Harvey Weinstein’s most vocal accusers, despite the fact that she and most of the 80+ other women who accused of misconduct could not file formal charges against him.

The 46-year-old tweeted: “Hollywood is a sickness that you can cure. The public can handle the reality. Ben I know you are a corporate entity, but trust me if you ever do decide to be an irl in real life hero, your stock in being human will go up.”

McGowan claimed the 47-year-old helped sweet her 1997 rape under the rug, and asked him to “write an open letter to atone to all of us who weren’t worth you considering human, you know, girls” and “pretend it’s a 9th step.”

She continued: “But worse, you were part of the cover up of my rape. Come clean. I was there. I know. So do you.”

Her accusations come on the heels of a Variety report detailing unsealed court documents that said Affleck was on Weinstein’s “red flag list.” The “red flag list” named people he thought might be talking to reporters about his misconduct.