Rose McGowan accused the Oscar-winning writer and director Alexander Payne of sexual misconduct. The 46-year-old said the incident went down when she was 15 and he was in his twenties. 

She tweeted: "Alexander Payne. You sat me down & played a soft-core porn movie you directed for Showtime under a different name. I still remember your apartment in Silverlake. You are very well-endowed. You left me on a street corner afterwards. I was 15."

She followed up, writing: "I just want an acknowledgement [sic] and an apology. I do not want to destroy."

This appears to match an incident she alluded to during a February 2018 conversation with Ronan Farrow, one of the journalists who helped bring multiple assault allegations against Hollywood stars to light. "You told me that, even long before the Harvey Weinstein incident, you recounted to me that there was a statutory rape by a prominent man in Hollywood," Farrow said to McGowan at the time.

"Yes, and I didn’t process that until—well, I’ll get to him," McGowan responded without naming the man.

"He took me home, after he met me, and showed me a soft-porn movie he’d made for Showtime, under a different name, of course… And then he had sex with me," she recalled during the chat. "And then he left me next to Tropical in Silver Lake, standing on a street corner."

McGowan, as many will recall, was one of the most vocal in the #MeToo movement. She was also one of the first to come out with her story of rape at the hands of Weinstein, who has since been convicted and sentenced to prison for other sexual assaults and rapes.