As a wave of protests sweeps the U.S. and the world following the death of George Floyd, the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust is siding with Black Lives Matter. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who now reside in L.A. with their son Archie, serves president and vice-president of the Trust.

In tweets, the Commonwealth wrote: “Young people are vital voices in the fight against injustice and racism around the world. As a global community of young leaders we stand together in pursuit of fairness and a better way forward. Silence is not an option. #BlackLivesMatter”.

Another tweet read: “We all have the power to effect positive change. It is time to speak up and speak out. Time to have uncomfortable conversations with ourselves and with others. Time to educate ourselves and unlearn. Time to come together and build a better future as one.”

They quoted Martin Luther King Jr. as well: “Injustice is a threat to justice everywhere.”

While the Royal Family has been silent on the death of Floyd, who died May 25 at the hands of police, observers are saying this essentially breaks their silence on the side of Floyd, was handcuffed and immobilized.


Prince Andrew, meanwhile, who came under fire for reportedly avoiding an investigation into his relationship with the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, will not be returning to his royal duties. Andrew has been accused of having sex with a 17-year-old sex-trafficked by Epstein, as many will recall. He has denied the allegations.

According to the Sunday Times, many in the family consider him “toxic,” and the Queen has resigned herself to his withdrawal from public life.