Ryan Dorsey has nothing to hide, and nothing but good things to say about his late ex-wife’s sister Nickayla. After Naya Rivera drowned in July at age 33, Ryan was devastated, and committed to raising their son Josey, with Naya’s family. 

When it was revealed this week that he and Nickayla, 25, were living together as they helped raise Josey, many critics came out the woodwork on social media. The 37-year-old responded on social media, calling himself ″lucky″ to ″have family on both sides who support and who have helped out tremendously″ during this difficult time.

″And to have a young woman who is his blood and tití, who is willing to put her life on hold and sacrifice things, uproot her situation for the betterment of your child so when you put your child to bed, you don’t always have to be alone with your thoughts. You don't have to be sad every day and night, wondering when does it get better. At least you have someone there with you to talk to, or just sit in silence and be sad with. You don’t have to deal with it completely alone.″

He added that he’d lost 20 pounds since her death, was unable to sleep well and was “sad every day.”

Dorsey also said that his son, who had been swimming with Rivera before she went missing, "witnessed a nightmare right before his eyes."

"When you know that he's so smart and … he knows that even when they find her, that she's not coming home, it's sad," he said. "And when you're with him every day … to go through this nightmare, it's sad."