Richard Glass, the owner of Glass Hair Design in Venice, California, told The Los Angeles Times Monday (August 8th) that Anne Heche visited his salon shortly before she crashed her car into a Mar Vista home. Glass said that she wasn’t “speaking in cursive” during her visit—meaning she didn’t seem intoxicated at the time.

The salon owner described Heche as “very pleasant,” and shared that she expressed interest in a blue wig. When he let her know that particular wig wasn’t available, she said she’d take a red one instead.

Glass didn’t register who Heche was until he went to ring her up. After recognizing her, the pair took a number of selfies together. Glass posted one to Instagram on Friday (August 5th), the day the accident took place.

“So I met @anneheche today and she purchased a #redwig so random.. I love #venicebeach #actress #director #mom #celebrity #lifestyle,” he wrote.