Yesterday (September 18th), Sarah Jessica Parker spoke at the SHE Media's Blogher 2019 Creators Summit and revealed that she wasn't sure if she would be a good producer on Sex And The City. The show's producer Darren Star once had a life changing conversation with her about working behind the scenes. 

She explained,“He said, ‘You should be a producer,’ I said, ‘I don’t know anything, I’ve never produced television’ and he said, ‘Then just learn … for the first year, just come to all the production meetings and just learn.’”

The actress came on as a producer at the start of season 2 in 1999.

She said, “I think that working so closely with [fellow producer] Michael Patrick King, you just learn the business of producing, which involves numbers and budgets and unions and interpersonal relationships and complicated people and easy people. You learn because it’s exciting, there’s a lot at stake [and] you’re invested.”