Sarah Paulson opened up about her relationship with Holland Taylor on Tuesday’s (November 21st) episode of The View. The American Horror Story actor revealed that she had a photo of The Chair actor on her fridge for 10 years before they became a couple.

"I actually had her picture on my refrigerator for 10 years before we were together — which sounds strange," Paulson told the show’s cohosts. The Carol actor explained that she, Taylor, and Allison Janney were at a dinner party one night with screenwriter Buck Henry. Henry took a photo of them posing on a Lamborghini parked outside the restaurant.

"He sent us all copies and it was on my refrigerator in my little apartment in West Hollywood for 10 years before we [dated], so it was weird," she shared. When asked if she had a crush on Taylor then, Paulson said no. "Maybe something was percolating and it was unbeknownst to me but there she was in my kitchen!," she added.

Commenting on their relationship, the Ratched actor said, "I am thrilled and I feel very lucky to be with a person who is smarter, wiser, wittier than I, and that just makes my life better in every possible way … It makes me want to be a better person and a fully realized person."