Despite being married to Saturday Night Live comedian Colin Jost and sharing seven-month-old baby Cosmo with him, Scarlett Johansson said she wouldn’t have dated Jost in high school.

On The Drew Barrymore Show Wednesday (March 16th), Barrymore showed the audience an old picture of Jost from his teenage years. “Would high school ScarJo be into high school Colin?” she asked the Black Widow actress.

“Umm, I don't think so, no. Personally, my brother had that same haircut, both of my brothers, and I just can't. There's no way. I mean, who decided on that cut as a stylish thing? What hairdresser was like, 'I'll try this'?” Johansson said.

The Avengers star also commented on how timing played a role in their relationship, since Johansson had met Jost a few times on the set of SNL before they got together.

“It was just the timing was good. When we met, the timing was right. He's a very — I think — a cute guy, but the other times that I was there, I was in a relationship and I was not looking. This time, it was the timing was right. He looked differently to me because I was available,” she said.