It’s Groundhog Day, Kardashians-style. Rumors have emerged for approximately the 7 millionth time that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are dating again, following his breakup with on-again off-again Sofia Richie.

Richie and Disick reportedly split after two years in May, largely so that Disick could work on a few personal issues. As many will recall, photos of Disick in rehab emerged shortly before their breakup. He left rehab, which was not related to substance abuse, but was reportedly related to emotional issues he was having over his parents death, soon after the photo leak and filed a lawsuit. 

Fast forward two months, and the pair reconciled, only to split this month, E! reports. Kardashian, meanwhile, shares three children with Disick and has been besties with him throughout their own decade-long romance and well beyond. And yes, Richie was at times reportedly jealous of their connection, but the trio seemed to manage to get past it, even going on vacations together with the kids. 

But it came to be too much, an insider tells E!: "Things haven't been great between them. Scott's been spending every day with Kourtney and the kids and has been vacationing with her. Things are always tense between Scott and Sofia when he goes away without her."

When the 41-year-old posted a photo of herself in a one-piece at a lake, many brows were raised when Disick commented, “What a lake-er.” The pair are reportedly vacationing with friends and family at Idaho’s Lake Coeur d’ Alene. There is a non-essential travel ban in California, but the Kardashians appear to find their various jaunts essential.