While Hollywood A-lister Jessica Alba could be out every night of the week if she wanted, she tells Refinery29 that she’s really a born “homebody.”

Still, after 11 years of marriage to Cash Warren and three children, she still wants to keep the spark alive.

“I really like being at home,” Alba tells Refinery29. “And my kids like when we have a date night. They’re like, ‘Ew, you’re kissing!’ — they always talk about how we go on dates and smooch. On the one hand, they have their kid reaction, but on the other hand, they’re into it and they think it’s healthy.”

She is partnering with HelloFresh to capitalize on at-home date nights for other families with the company’s first-ever Date Night Box, featuring fresh ingredients and step-by-step prep instructions. The meal includes tomato bruschetta for an app, prosciutto-wrapped chicken over truffled mushroom risotto for the main, then Foodstirs molten chocolate mug cakes for dessert.


Alba says that she and Warren like to make cacao e pepe and Italian meatballs together, or a tajine and risotto. She also says that she likes to cook together, with wine and maybe jazz in the background.

She also notes that you have to get out of your yoga pants. She says: “You can have an elevated outfit without it being uncomfortable. Throw on a slip or a slip dress, even if you’re barefoot. Put on your game face (whatever that is) — some people don’t like to wear any makeup at all, but if I put on even a little bit, I feel great. Part of the HelloFresh Date Night Box is that the first hundred customers will receive an Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm and Eye Shadow Palette. It’s easy to do a nice, soft, smokey eye — that little touch of something-something makes it feel like it’s not just another night in. I also love candles, music, dimming the lights, those little touches really help.”

The effort pays off, she says: “I’ve found that we're much happier when we treat our relationship as a sacred thing, as something that needs to be worked on and treated well and given the kind of care that it should have.