In her new book Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up, Cruel Intentions actress Selma Blair confesses that she has in fact sunk her teeth into multiple celebrities. Blair goes on to detail how she ended up biting Sienna Miller, Seth MacFarlane, and Kate Moss.

Blair shares that she introduced herself to Sienna Miller at the Chateau Marmont one night, following her divorce from Ahmet Zappa in 2006. “I couldn‘t begrudge her for any part she was winning over me. So, I grabbed her arm and bit it, playfully, as if it were an apple. Even as I held her forearm in my mouth I was aghast at myself. I thought, What have I gotten myself into? Or her? This is horrible behavior,” she wrote.

Apparently, Miller screamed, “Opa!” and then said, “You bit me, didn’t you? You really did.” Blair added that Miller “didn’t shame” her. “For this, in my book, she will forever be the belle of the ball,” she added.

Kate Moss wasn’t as forgiving, as she ended up biting Blair back. In response, Blair writes, “This was the first time I had any inkling of how much I might hurt people when I bit them. Immediately, I transformed into a shamed nursery school kid. ‘Oh my gosh,’ I whispered, ‘I am so sorry."”