On the most recent episode of Shannen Doherty’s Let’s Be Clear podcast, she and her Beverly Hills, 90210 costar, Jason Priestley, talked about the “inappropriate” relationship their characters had on the show. The pair played twins Brenda and Brandon Walsh from 1990 to 1994.

“Brenda and Brandon were always so interesting, because we had an interesting relationship,” Doherty said. “There was this sexual undertone of Brenda and Brandon that to this day is hysterical.”

The Charmed actor remembered a fan at a convention asking her to sign a photo of the pair together that she felt was “inappropriate for brother and sister.” She also recalled a 1992 Rolling Stone cover that they did with Luke Perry. “I’m like, straddling you,” she said. “So bizarre. There were a lot of bizarre things that happened with us.”

Priestley added, “It’s pretty funny.”