On Monday’s (January 1st) episode of her Let’s Be Clear podcast, Shannen Doherty shared her hopes for the future as she continues to battle stage IV breast cancer.

Speaking with oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro, the Charmed actor said, “I always talk about the fact that we just need to squeeze out another three to five years, and then there’s going to be T-cell therapy or there’s going to be this … There’s going to be a lot more options that will give another five years.”

She added, “Then in those five years, there’s a whole other group of options, and eventually there’s going to be a cure.”

Piro confirmed that this was a good approach. “I always say that it’s important to think of each therapy as a horse, and in a horse race, you want to ride every horse as long as it rides, and then you ride the next horse as much as possible,” he said. “You hope you make it a few laps then there’s altogether another new set of horses to ride, to make the race that much longer.”