Shannen Doherty got candid about how her battle with stage IV breast cancer has affected her libido on Monday’s (February 26th) episode of her Let’s Be Clear podcast.

“I mean, when you're feeling not great about yourself that's going to kill your libido — but then…when meds take your libido away, or it makes things not as pleasant, like sex doesn't feel as good,” the Charmed actor told her good friend, Anne Marie Kortright.

Kortright then recounted the time she took the Beverly Hills, 90210 actor to an OB/GYN who specialized in women’s sexual health. “She took me because, you know, I specifically said her, ‘I need to do something. Things aren't working and this isn't the life that I want to live,” Doherty said.

When the OB/GYN gave Doherty a sex toy and instructed her on how to use it, Kortright said she had “never seen her this embarrassed.” The Heathers actor added, “I was beet red … I'm turning red just, like, literally talking about it right now.”