On Monday’s (January 29th) episode of her Let’s Be Clear podcast, Shannen Doherty shared that she’s receiving a new treatment in her battle with stage IV cancer that is giving her “hope.”

"I'm on a new cancer infusion, and after four treatments, we didn't really see a difference, and everybody wanted me to switch, and I just kind of was like we're going to keep going with this and see," she explained. "After the sixth or seventh treatment, we really saw it breaking down the blood-brain barrier. Do I call that a miracle? For me, that happens to be a miracle right now. That like I sort of rolled the dice and said let's keep going."

The Beverly Hills, 90210 actor did not specify which treatment she is currently receiving. "Every day is a gift, and there are so many new things in the works that I think hope is always there," she added. "All I can do is live each day in as much of a positive manner, with a lot of hope, as I can."