Ashley Benson clearly prefers a natural look. The Pretty Little Liars star hit up Instagram with a selfie showing her with swollen cheeks and lips. “Why does everybody look the same nowadays?” Ashley captioned it. “Let's be unique And true to ourselves. This is me using a filter lookin like a blowfish tryna fit in w all the LA girls now.”

Celeb friends seemed to feel the same way. “GAHAHAHAHA STOP,” Demi Lovato replied.

Rachel Brosnahan wrote, “Looking fire emoji girl. So real. So you.” Meanwhile, Samantha Ronson shared, “You're ready for real housewives.”

But others thought she was being mean. One user wrote, “Girl no offense but you're beautiful naturally and I think people try to emulate looking like you. While being individual is wonderful, why shame someone for finding ways to feel confident in themselves, regardless of what changes they want to make to themselves through plastic surgery.”

Another wrote: “this post is… not it lol. like love you, but just because a few people choose to look a certain way that happens to be similar doesn't mean they aren't unique.”