Sofia Vergara opened up to The Los Angeles Times in a recent interview about how having an accent has affected her career in Hollywood.

“I’m always looking for characters because there’s not much that I can play with this stupid accent,” she said, joking about her Colombian accent. “I can’t play a scientist or be in ‘Schindler’s List.’ My acting jobs are kind of limited.”

The Modern Family actor compared her experience with other Latina actors. “Eva Longoria doesn’t have an accent. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have an accent. Jessica Alba doesn’t have an accent. Is it frustrating? Of course. In the beginning, more than now,” she said. “And the frustration was towards me. How come I can’t f— get this right? I’ve been here for 30 years. How dumb can I be? I have to fight in English, f— in English, act in English. It’s exhausting.”