SOLANGE KNOWLES LIKES TWEET SAYING BILL MURRAY PUT BOTH OF HIS HANDS IN HER HAIR: The allegations against Bill Murray continue to surface. On Sunday (October 16th), TV writer and producer Judnick Mayard wrote on Twitter, “your yearly reminder that i saw Bill Murray put both his hands into Solange’s scalp after asking her three times if her hair was a wig or not.” Mayard posted a follow-up tweet clarifying that Knowles’ song “Don’t Touch My Hair” was not written about the Groundhog Day actor. “since the tweet is going around just wanna clear it up: Don’t Touch My Hair is not about Bill Murray. She had just finished performing that song on SNL when he did it. that’s the audacity of whiteness,” Mayard wrote. According to Entertainment Tonight, Knowles seems to have confirmed the accusation by liking Mayard’s tweet.

KELLY RIZZO GETS TATTOO IN HONOR OF BOB SAGET: Entertainment Tonight reports that Kelly Rizzo shared a photo to her Instagram stories revealing the tattoo she got in honor of her late husband, Bob Saget. “My tattoo for Bob,” she captioned the photo of a martini glass tattooed on her arm. “He loved his martinis so much. Amazing single needle work by @inkbyrico.” Last week, Rizzo shared a throwback video of herself with Saget doing a couple’s challenge. “Nine months without him. It feels like forever and also one day all at the same time. I love looking back on these videos to see how much joy and silliness and fun and love we shared. The pain and grief ebbs and flows and I still have some days that just suck and there are days that are lighter now too. But every day there is a palpable hole where he used to be,” she wrote.

REESE WITHERSPOON SHARES PHOTO FROM FIRST MAGAZINE SHOOT: On Sunday (October 16th), Reese Witherspoon shared a photo from her “very first photo shoot ever for Seventeen magazine.” In the photo, the Legally Blonde actress is on a beach with her Man in the Moon costar Emily Warfield. “I remember thinking I was going to pass out from excitement, because all I ever wanted was to be in Seventeen magazine. I had no idea where this journey would take me. A reminder to keep going because you never know what’s next!” Witherspoon wrote.

RUSSELL CROWE AND BRITNEY THERIOT MAKE THEIR RED-CARPET DEBUT: Page Six reports that Russell Crowe and Britney Theriot made their red-carpet debut on Sunday (October 16th). The pair stopped for photos with their arms around each other at the premiere of Crowe’s new film Poker Face in Rome, Italy.