Sophia Hutchins wants to make it clear that she is not in a romantic relationship with Caitlyn Jenner

According to E! the 25-year-old Lumasol founder used her Instagram Stories to shut down a tweet that claimed she has been dating the 71-year-old TV star for the last four years. 

Hutchins wrote, “Fake news! Not a lesbian! F—k off.”  She continued, "Love the whole LGBT community but so tired of rumors that I am romantically with Caitlyn. I am only ever with men and only ever have been. Stop the rumors! It's been years."

According to a 2019 interview with The New York Times, Hutchins became Jenner's manager and moved into her house in 2017. Although the pair made several appearances together on red carpets and on social media, Hutchins told the newspaper they "were never romantically involved."