Bachelor Recap: The ladies meet Arie Luyendyk

The Bachelor is back with a familiar face! Arie, who, if you are an avid fan of the show, will remember him from Emily’s season! It came down to him and another guy and he was blindsided by Emily dumping him! He fell hard for her! But that was 5 years ago and Arie is ready to find love and settle down! Arie is now a successful real estate agent but still does some racing, he was a professional race car driver so now he has a much more stable career.

But before we meet the ladies, Arie gets some advice from a good friend of his, former bachelor Sean, his wife Catherine and their adorable little boy! Sean is one of the success stories from the Bachelor, as Catherine and him are married with a son and another child on the way! Sean basically told Arie to treat the women with respect.

But enough of that, let’s meet the women fighting for Arie’s heart! There were 29 women that showed up for Arie and there were a couple of stand outs. Including Tia from Wiener, Arkansas who presented Arie with a little wiener and said, “Please tell me you don’t have a little wiener already! HA! He answered he didn’t have one already. Nicely played Tia. She reminds me a bit of Raven and I like her.

We have Brittane, who gives him a “nice butt” bumper sticker that she puts on his butt (well on his pants) but still, nice way to be able to touch his butt with his permission.

One of the big entrances though came from Bekah, who comes driving up in a ’65 red Mustang convertible! The other women ran out to see it and were a bit envious of her entrance. You can tell that Arie is attracted to her right away and I think she’ll go far.

But there were some funny entrances or interactions like Becca, who has Arie get down on his left knee, hands him a ring box and has him repeat after her,

“Becca, are you ready for this damn thing to begin?” The weirdest one was the woman who asked him to basically smell her armpits to make sure she smells okay. WHAT? You should be SURE! J

But by far, the biggest entrance was Maquel, who comes in driving an Indy race car. (Well she is in the 2nd seat but still)! Spoiler, she gets a rose at the rose ceremony!

Right as the cocktail party starts, single mother Chelsea grabs Arie a second after the group toast and the other girls are shocked. Really ladies? Have you not seen this show before?? Early bird gets the worm! But it was a short conversation, according to her, it was :30 seconds before she was interrupted. She was very vocal to the other woman about how upset she was! She is already rubbing some of the women the wrong way! And it’s gonna get worse!

But the first kiss of the night goes to Britany T, who brings Arie out to race in 2 kid cars! If she wins, she gets a kiss from him. Well, no shock that he pretty much lets her win and she gets her kiss from him. Must have been some kiss cause she just went on and on about how his lips were so soft and like pillows and that he lives up to his nickname of the “kissing bandit”.

But things get serious when Chris comes in and leaves the 1st impression rose! Then the claws start to come out and it gets “real”! And we also get to see our first “villain” appear in Chelsea, the one that already ruffled feathers because she grabbed Arie right away. Well she feels like she barely had any time with Arie, so she’s gonna do what was done to her, interrupt another woman with Arie. And man, she makes sure to get right in there with him as she goes in for the kiss, tongue and all!! Arie likes that she is a tad mysterious and she leaves him wanting to know more about her. Enough so that he gives her the 1st impression rose! Yep, she definitely has a big target on her from the other woman!

At the rose ceremony, 5 women are sent home, including Jessica, Amber and honestly, I have no idea the other women who left. We barely saw them that I didn’t even know their names!

Now it really begins and Arie says things are going to be a bit different than in past season. Not sure what that means but we’ll see!

Some people to watch out for this season, Chelsea, Krystal and Bekah! They are gonna cause some drama this season!

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Until next week, will you accept this rose?

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